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North Korea, moving towards a new communication strategy on networks?

The North Korean regime has been trying for several months to change its communication towards the outside world, in particular through the use of social networks. Far from missiles, long speeches, and parades of troops, the goal is to show that life is normal in North Korea. However, this new form of propaganda seems to displease some platforms that host its content. with our correspondent in Seoul, Nicolas Rocca Usually communication from North Korea involves images of missiles, military parades, sometimes accompanied by the bombastic tone of Ri Chun Hee, the legendary commentator of the central television channel. star is called Un A who presents the YouTube channel Echo of Truth, which distances itself from traditional communication. The young blogger takes us through the streets of Pyongyang. “We are where a big concert is going to take place on the occasion of the Youth Day. I don’t know if you have a day like this at home, but it’s a beautiful and exciting time! An A wanders through concerts, introduces us to the North Korean capital’s golf courses, and enjoys a pizza in the only restaurant in Pyongyang. These images have a simple message: life here is like everywhere else. Videos that remain very political, with a targeted message …. Beyond the very frequent references to Kim Jong-un, our blogger also presents the health situation of country for example in a video dated April. “Spring has arrived, and… there is no sign of an unusual situation. But we keep constant vigilance: each measure is taken effectively and as we have become one of the few countries without Covid-19 in the world, the inhabitants live … with more confidence and vitality … “Reinforce the image of the country abroad is a capital issue for Pyongyang and since coming to power Kim Jong Un has not stopped pushing for more modernity. Platforms are resisting But not all platforms seem to hear it from this ear. So Youtube simply deleted the channel almost ten days ago. What did not fail to react Un A. “My YouTube channel where I published my videos was blocked for an unspecified reason. All I know is it’s related to a breach of Google’s terms of service. Yet I have not accused anyone or spread any fake news in my videos! This summer, Un A’s twitter account was also deleted (which caused the audience to drop). While his Youtube channel accumulated nearly 33,000 subscribers in September, we are now more or less around a thousand. The deletions of North Korean accounts on social networks seem quite clumsy on the part of these platforms and they give Pyongyang arguments to denounce the lack of consistency of Western models.

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