Hisashi Iwakuma (39), who retired from active duty only last season, will be appointed as a specially appointed coach of the Mariners Furusato on the 12th (13th Japan time). The team officially announced.

Mr. Iwakuma has played for the Mariners for seven years since 2012. Although he was asked to become a coach when he left the team in 2018, he transferred to the giant and continued to be active.

Immediately after announcing his retirement from active duty last year, GM Jerry Dipoto, who highly valued Mr. Iwakuma’s high skill and sincere attitude, officially requested him to become a coach. Mr. Iwakuma, who has an attachment to the old nest, also agreed. “The skills Kuma has shown in his career fits perfectly with our coaches and players, and we look forward to joining us, both major and minor,” said the GM. announced.

In the future, the team as a whole will be instructing young people, including the spring camp in Peoria, Arizona, the home base of Seattle, and the minor Tacoma. He is also expected to be involved in scouting activities in Japan.

Mr. Ichiro (47), who is a special assistant and instructor with a chairman, will continue to teach this season, and it seems that the two will be seen standing on the ground again in the same uniform.