Hispanic arrested for having sex with a teenager in Alabama | News

LITLEVILLE (TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- A Latino resident of Athens, in northern Alabama, declared before the authorities of the city of Littleville, also in that state, that he met with a local teenager to have sexual relations.

According to investigators, Joel Juárez Romero, 30, drove to Littleville on March 29 to meet a 15-year-old boy whom he met on a dating app, local television reported. WAAY.

The boy asked her to take him to a location on Stone Gap Road in Colbert County, authorities said.

According to the court document, shortly before midnight on the 29th, a Colbert sheriff’s deputy located a suspicious truck in the area and, approaching, saw Juárez Romero and the boy getting dressed.

The agent said he found lubricant, condoms and ropes in the vehicle, a pick-up truck.

Juarez Romero told authorities he thought the teen was 22 years old. Both he and the minor acknowledged having had sexual relations and sending each other photos without clothes.

Juarez Romero is charged with second-degree sodomy, enticing a minor for indecent purposes, possession of child pornography, and communicating with a minor for sexual purposes by electronic means.

The suspect is in the Colbert County Jail.

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