Hispanic, named the “monster” with sharp teeth, kidnapped and abused a three-week pregnant woman in Michigan

Michael Barajas is accused in Michigan of kidnapping a pregnant woman and raping her for a period of three weeks.

Photo: Genesee County Sheriff’s Office / Courtesy

The “monster” with sharp teeth kidnapped and abused a pregnant woman for at least three weeks, authorities in Michigan revealed.

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson announced Wednesday the arrest of 36-year-old Michael Barajas.

Through a video on the office’s Facebook accountthe official showed the face of the suspect with tattoos, in addition to sharp teeth.

Swanson stated that the victim, in her 20s, was walking down a street during Thanksgiving week when the suspect approached him in a car.

Recently, the woman had been kicked out of her house. Barajas took advantage of his condition of vulnerability and He offered her to go home, bathe and eat..

Immediately upon arrival at the home, the man barricaded the victim inside with padlocks on the doors and bolts on the windows.

The assailant tied the woman to a bed. and locked her in a room where she was attacked by him and other men.

The Hispanic threatened the female to bite her neck with his sharp teeth and rip her throat out if she didn’t do as he told her.

The victim attempted to escape three times..

The first ran through an open door, but was shot and returned to the house.

On the second attempt, she managed to get out, but the suspect dragged her back inside.

The third time he tried to flee space was due to a medical emergency.. It is not clear if Barajas was the one who transferred it. The woman arrived Dec. 8 at Hurley Medical Center, where nurses recognized that she was being abused and contacted the Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team (GHOST).

The man was arrested that same day. The alleged criminal was charged with human trafficking, kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct in the first degreeassault and possession of methamphetamine.

The processed must return for a court hearing on December 22.

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