Historical! Possible execution of a convict triggers a legal battle in the United States: “It is so far from reality …”

UNITED STATES.- A legal battle broke out in U.S to decide the fate of 52-year-old Lisa Montgomery that the president’s government Donald Trump He wants to execute before leaving power, despite doubts about the convict’s mental health. If the government wins, the woman will receive the lethal injection in Terre Haute, Indiana, and will be the first woman executed by federal authorities since 1953.

Instead, if the government loses the battle, it could save itself from execution, as the president-elect Joe Biden, who will take office in eight days, opposes capital punishment. Montgomery’s lawyers asked Trump for clemency without denying the seriousness of the crime: in 2004 he killed a pregnant woman to steal her fetus, according to the news agency AFP.

The defense affirmed that his client suffers from serious mental disorders as a result of the group assaults and rapes she suffered as a child. According to them, he does not understand the meaning of his sentence, an indispensable condition for his execution. A federal judge ordered this January 11 to suspend the execution at the request of the defense, but the government appealed the magistrate’s decision.

(Photo by Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department via Getty Images)

“Montgomery’s current state of mind is so far from reality that it prevents him from rationally understanding the government’s motive for his execution,” justified Judge Patrick Hanlon. The Justice Department immediately appealed that decision, and an appeals court overturned the judge’s ruling on January 12. The United States Supreme Court will now be in charge of ruling on this case.

In 2004, Montgomery, unable to have a new child, identified his victim on the Internet, a dog breeder, and came to his home in Missouri with the excuse of buying him a terrier. Instead, he strangled her, opened her uterus, took the surviving baby, and left the 23-year-old in a pool of blood. Trump, a staunch supporter of the death penalty, for the time being ignored a clemency petition filed by Montgomery supporters.

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