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Ensenada, Baja California.- The owner of the Mariscos Bahía de Ensenada restaurant, Alberto Mancilla Ponce, was recognized by the Municipal Government for his contribution to economic development along with 77 leaders of iconic companies in the city.

Together with his sons Alberto, Erik and Christian, the also manager and promoter of the Ensenada Commercial Industrial Baseball League received a plaque from Mayor Armando Ayala for continuing to enjoy the preference of the local, regional, national and foreign population.

The recognized companies have between 133 and 49 years of uninterrupted work in various lines of business, business and services.

In the case of Mariscos Bahía, it is 53 years of service on Calle Primera and Avenida Riveroll.

Ensenada Icon Companies


Bodegas de Santo Tomás 133 years

Hussong’s Canteen 129 years

Gil Ojeda Ship Agency 105 years

Gas stations Service Rudametkin 100 years

LA Cetto 93 years

Cenaduría El Parían 86 years

Tortilleria Renteria 86 years

The Pearl of the Pacific 86 years

The Lighthouse of Ensenada SA de CV 85 years

La Purisima Fishing Production Cooperative Society 78 years

Cooperative Society Progress of Fishing Production SC De RL 77 years

Hotel Quintas Papagayo 75 years

Sanatorium of Carmen 75 years

El Rey Sol Restaurant 75 years

Libreria Ramírez, SA de CV 72 years

El Cristal Bakery 71 years

Hotel Villa Marina 71 years

El Roble Farms 71 years

Hotel Mision Santa Isabel 70 years

Funeral home Moreno 70 years

OASA Northern Equipment and Welding 70 years

Electric Pacific of Ensenada 68 years

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Tacos Maru 67 years

The Star of Ensenada 67 years

Agriculture and Livestock (Punta Colonet) 66 years

Park cakes 66 years

Arjona Agency, SA de CV 65 years

Tortilleria Los Pericos 65 years

El Charro Restaurant 65 years

Shoe Repair Briseño 64 years

La Canasta Groceries and Butchery 63 years

Black Market 63 years

Bahia Hotel 63 years

La Joya Tourist Camp 62 years

Lourdes Pastry 61 years

People’s Pharmacy 61 years

Ice Cream Delights 61 years

Hotel Cortez 60 years

Kimberly Jewelry 60 years

Cleaning Cachania 60 years

New Farm Veterinary 60 years

Tortilleria Chelito 59 years

The Dutch Restaurant 59 years

Veterinary Rico 58 years

Tortilleria La Palma 57 years

Seafood Playa Azul 57 years

Sandoval Furniture 56 years

Cakes La Reyna 56 years

El Corralito Restaurant 56 years

Borbolla Laboratory 56 years

Bakery La Mexicana 55 years

Ensenada Funeral Home 55 years

Laboratory Núñez 55 years

El Nuevo Cristal Bakery 54 years

Seafood Bay 53 years

Minerva Market 53 years

Warehouses Camarena 53 years

Barbershop El Galan 53 years

Hotel San Nicolas 53 years

Posada El Rey Sol 53 years

Los Castillo Jewelry 53 years

Electronics Lopez 53 years

Rancho Hermanos Pérez (Agriculture P. Colonet) 53 years

Stone Products 52 years

Materials Chito SA de CV 52 years

Valdez and Sons Group 52 years

Tacos El Fénix 51 years

Kings Leather Shop 51 years

Tacos Corona 51 years

Tuxedos De Paul 51 years

Hotel Casa del Sol 50 years

Pedro Domecq 50 years

Birrieria La Guadalajara 50 years

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Sanitary Provider of BCSA de CV 50 years

Lumberyard Los Olivos 50 years

Optical Ensenada 50 years

Photo Studio Hollywood 49 years.

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