Homemade cottage cheese cookies, a cat and the help of specialists: my results of 2022

This text was written in the Community, it retains the author’s style and spelling.

Discovery of the year

Most problems are solved by contacting specialists, for many years I could not figure out finances, money was slipping through my fingers, I took financial management courses, a couple of specialist consultations and voila! Instead of debts – savings and peace of mind for the future. The same nutritional situation, working with a psychotherapist solved all my questions about being overweight. Previously, I focused on weight loss, various diets, evaporated in the gym, it was like looking under a lantern, instead of looking where I lost it … it turned out to be completely different and the specialist helped me figure it out)

Movie of the Year

“Crime Formula”

Book of the Year

“A Year Without Shopping” by Kate Flanders

Year of investment

I switched to a Tinkoff card with interest on the balance, opened a deposit instead of investing on the stock exchange.

Purchase of the Year

Christmas gifts for relatives.

Hope of the Year

My work and close people.

luck of the year

Created an airbag.

Failure of the year

I didn’t get to go to my daughter’s wedding.

Council of the Year

Keep a budget and save money.

dish of the year

Homemade cottage cheese cookies

Drink of the year

Natural coffe

Quote of the Year

A smart approach to everything.

Item of the Year

My smartphone, communication, learning, entertainment and work are all here.

T-F years

Articles about debts from readers.

Personal nomination

Personal achievement – I found the strength to take care of someone else and took a cat from the street.

Photo of the Year

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