Honduran dies crushed by machine in the United States

A Honduran woman died this Thursday after a heavy machine fell on her USA.

The victim was identified as Leily Lopez Hernandez of 29 years old, who was originally from the department of Olancho and resident in the city of Waukeganstate IllinoisUSA.

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According to reports, López Hernández was hit by a machine carrying pizza ovens while doing cleaning work in the factory where he worked.

It is handled that the death was accidental, however, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Department of Labor (OSHA), continues to investigate the tragedy and they will have 6 months to clarify what happened.

In this sense, if the investigations show that the death of the catracha was due to negligence by the company, by not providing security to its employees, the factory would have to be economically sanctioned.

The autopsy revealed that the young woman suffered severe blows and crushing, which caused her death.

Meanwhile, her relatives began a campaign to help repatriate the body of the young woman to Honduras.

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