Honduran Disappears on December 31 from Montgomery County – NBC Washington DC (44)

A 20-year-old Honduran woman has been missing since December 31, and her relatives in Montgomery County are distraught because they don’t know where the young woman is.

Keylin Chávez Domínguez left her apartment in North Bethesda towards the home of relatives near her residence. About 6:30 pm Friday was the last day she was seen, according to county police.

“I found out the next day that it was December 31, Saturday, when her current partner writes to me on the phone, to my mobile, and also made me some calls,” said Francisco Lara, the young woman’s ex-partner. . “He was the one who notified me that he didn’t know, that he had no idea where he was. So he asked me if he had any kind of knowledge of her, if he knows any whereabouts of her”.

Ten days later, Domínguez’s relatives seek explanations for his disappearance.

“I ask all the people that if they see it – we have decided to give a reward to the people who can see it and call us at my number, which is 301-676-3175. And we give a reward of $1,000 to the people who can give us information about her or to the authorities in particular,” said her cousin, Alexis Chávez.

Domínguez’s current partner assured that on December 30 he communicated with her by text messages, but since the 31st, he has not answered his messages or calls.

Montgomery County Police are continuing the investigation.

“This morning we were looking and checking the bushes and the road that are on the outskirts where Keylin used to live to see that we have not ruled out any type of clues or evidence, and we could not find anything this morning,” said Officer Carlos Cuts.

If you have any leads on Dominguez’s whereabouts, you can contact authorities at 240-773-5070, even anonymously.

“If she sees this report, please, please give a sign, even if it’s something minimal,” Lara said. “A call or a message to whoever. We don’t care where she is. We don’t care who she’s with, we only care about her well-being.”

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