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Do you believe in horoscopes, listen to astrological instructions, do you think that people born on the same day have a lot in common? No matter how you feel about astrology, book advice from the zodiac circle will surely appeal to you. After all, they will focus on the classics – literature, time-tested and always accessible to readers. Moreover, the books from this selection in retail stores “Chitay-Gorod” now have special prices.

The first of the signs of the Zodiac, Aries is charged with energy to the fullest. A born leader, brave and self-confident, he chooses adventure, dynamic plots, intrigue and danger. It seems that Jules Verne wrote a novel specifically for Aries
“Around the world in 80 Days”(16+) – a book that went beyond its time and progress. Phileas Fogg and his faithful servant Passepartout rise above reality and embark on dangerous, but exciting adventures – just in the spirit of Aries.

An earth sign, Taurus is practical and reserved, logical and smart. He loves books that are thought provoking. The most grateful addressee for dystopias that oppose the real, the human to the formal and superficial. As in the dystopian future described by Ray Bradbury in a cult work
“451 degrees Fahrenheit” (16+).

The element of Gemini is air, so they are charming and light, but at the same time fickle and changeable. They like to get involved in everything at once and read different books in parallel – according to their mood. They are fascinated by the communication and fun of the famous parties at
“The Great Gatsby”(16+), who lost his head from love. But, before reaching the finale, the Gemini will want to digress and mourn over a completely different love story – told by the author in another great novel.
“Night is tender”(16+).

Kind, loving to help people, Cancer is not afraid to go against everyone. He is able to see what is hidden from others, and cannot stand aside even where he was not asked to participate. This makes him related to the heroine of the novel Jane Austen
“Emma” (16+), who lives contrary to the requirements of a conservative society and suits the fate of her friends, almost missing her own happiness.

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Passionate, creative, energetic and determined to the point of recklessness, Leos are born from Fire. They follow the dream, no matter what – like the Gastonian d’Artagnan, obsessed with exploits, from an impoverished family, who reached Paris on foot. To finally find glory here, worthy tests and true friends. A novel by Alexandre Dumas
“The Three Musketeers” (16+) will appeal to any Leo.

Virgos are distinguished by the ability to move towards the goal in small steps, without losing sight of it for as long as you like. Their desire to change the world for the better, consistency and kindness suggest thoughts about
“The Little Prince” (0+), the famous hero of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Simply and quietly, he speaks about the important, teaches friendship, fidelity, beauty and intolerance to evil.

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On one side of Libra lies the ability to live in reality, on the other – the love for the family born under the patronage of Venus. Without visible effort, they manage to maintain balance and loyalty to ideals, despite the challenges of fate. The same amazing ability to believe in the good leads the heroine of Charlotte Bronte through life.
“Jane Eyre” (16+) – an orphan of difficult fate, who has become a symbol of faith, hope and love.

The most mysterious sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio does not fit into the framework, loves the inexplicable, knows how to hide strong feelings. Behind external restraint, such passions boil that Scorpios easily tune in to the wave
“Masters and Margaritas” (16+) Mikhail Bulgakov and, perhaps, they will find this mystical, strange and incomprehensible book quite vital.

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Sagittarius is an optimist who understands everything about himself and does not hide it from others. He likes to be in the public eye, but despite the hustle and bustle of parties, he remains real. Therefore, the stories of people who “made themselves” are close to him, especially since the fire sign also has enough strength for this.
“Martin Eden” (16+) – Jack London’s most famous novel about a man who came from the bottom and managed to achieve recognition – suitable reading for Sagittarius.

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Thoughtful, orderly Capricorn in spirit is always older than his real age. He does not like to take risks, does not give in to illusions, knows what is best for everyone – even if he gives advice to those who are much older. For the sake of absolute order, he is ready to give up even good relations, because “great things are seen at a distance.” This is Capricorn, like Evgeny Bazarov from Turgenev’s novel
“Fathers and Sons” (16+) knows for sure.

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Aquarians, as representatives of the air sign, are independent, free, able to enjoy loneliness, although they often have a lot of contacts. Fans of controversial plots and characters will appreciate Oscar Wilde’s famous story of
“The Picture of Dorian Gray”(12+) – a masterfully told, almost detective story that keeps readers in suspense to the end.

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Fish live in flocks and are in dire need of those who will be their own in spirit. Indeed, under the influence of Neptune, they often go with the flow and imperceptibly fall under the influence of others. Therefore, family, friends and the right environment are of particular importance to them. The story of the March sisters as told by Louisa May Alcott in the novel
“Little Women”(16+) describes this sign well – they are so different from each other, together the heroines gain strength and the ability to be themselves.

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