Horoscope for all signs of the zodiac from 10 to 16 October

This week Ovnam, it seems that you will have to rely only on your own strength and the ability to quickly change plans. Intrigues can spin around your person, and to some extent you yourself will be to blame for this: there is nothing to try to penetrate other people’s secrets, you would keep your own secret. Consider the interests of business partners, friends and family members, do not put your ambitions at the forefront.

Taurus it would be useful to sum up what has been lived and discover a new page for yourself, the filling of which should begin with the active assimilation of the experience gained. In love affairs, there is a danger of stepping on the same rake again. The abundance of information will develop into a new formulation that will answer vital questions. Try not to talk about the most secret, some may not understand, while others will envy. The calmer you spend the week, the better for you.

Gemini It’s time to review and, if possible, concretize your plans. This week, the fulfillment of a cherished desire is quite likely, and without much effort on your part. The results of professional activity promise to be visible and weighty. Do not neglect the opportunity to make acquaintances, they promise to open new horizons for you. You will be full of strength and energy. You are inspired by love.

For crayfish There comes an interesting period when you can work actively and with pleasure. The energy of creativity and creation is in full swing, so much will work out. The situation may require high performance from you. New people can play a significant role in the organization of your career, the implementation of ideas. However, try to talk less and listen more. The end of the week is a good time for long trips.

Lions! On Monday, you can, if you wish, find a new job. On Tuesday, any risk or adventure will lead to failure or disappointment. Wednesday is a day of compromise, so it’s better not to conflict with the authorities. Try to prove yourself as a conscientious worker. Show friendliness and tolerance in a controversial situation. The weekend will be very romantic.

From Dev activity and the search for new ideas will be required. If you are wise enough, you will quickly realize that the new is the well-forgotten old. So you don’t have to worry about stress at work. And if inspiration visits you, then any business will be possible. In personal life, deceit and betrayal are not ruled out, be on the lookout.

U Libra The week will be dynamic and filled with various events. You are ready for the new, whatever its source. Already from Monday, it is worth starting to implement what was planned, even if you have not had time to think it all through to the end. Share your good mood with others, and you can make new friends. In profession and love, you will conquer unknown heights.

Scorpions! Try to catch your wave of luck. Your ideas at work will be in demand, and you will be able to solve most of your own and even other people’s problems. So you can expect a solid profit and an offer to move up the career ladder. In personal life, important changes are long overdue, new acquaintances will turn out to be far-sighted.

Sagittarius do not be too frank, colleagues and friends do not need to know everything about you. In the middle of the week, a business trip is possible, the results of which will positively affect your promotion. On Wednesday, with minimal effort, you can get maximum results. Sunday is a favorable day for family evenings and meetings with old friends.

U Capricorn errors and losses are quite likely. So think over a plan of action and calculate all the options, including unsuccessful ones. On Wednesday, it is better not to enter into disputes with superiors and not to quarrel with relatives. Thursday is an auspicious day for promotion. On Friday, try to objectively calculate your strength, do not overestimate your capabilities.

Motto for Aquarius – calm, only calm … Life according to the precepts of Carlson this week will easily lead you to success. Emotionality will only spoil the whole thing, and haste will lead to the fact that the most important thing will be forgotten. Try not to force anyone to “get into your position”, as you are able to solve your problems on your own. Avoid family conflicts on weekends.

New meetings and acquaintances will be for Pisces are especially important, be active, do not sit at home. How much time do you spend dreaming about the impossible? While there is strength and time, it is better to apply them to practical activities. Do not get carried away with spending money, you will create a better opinion of yourself by showing prudence, and not ostentatious generosity in order to impress. Weekends are worth taking care of yourself.

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