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This week can be a decisive one in your career. Weigh the pros and cons. Be attentive to the requests of others. Closer to the weekend, you will be rewarded for your work, it can be a bonus or words of gratitude, or even a raise.

The weekend will be positive. A great day to be a little selfish and follow your desires. Those close to you will understand.


At the beginning of the week, you should listen to your own desires, leave all thoughts about how they will think of you. When shopping, consider whether this is really your choice. This will save you a decent amount.

Ignore criticism from colleagues. As a result, they will take your position. At home, understanding and love awaits you.


Unexpected luck awaits on Tuesday. But by the end of the week, you will have to build relationships with colleagues due to misunderstandings. A loved one can also misunderstand. All in all it will be a good experience of building relationships with people.

The week will end positively. It’s a great time to think about a big purchase.


A week will get tired of communicating with people. You will want to be alone for a few days. Because of this, misunderstandings with others may arise.

By the weekend, pull yourself together and work fruitfully.


An unusual week awaits the lions. On Tuesday, an entrepreneurial spirit will wake up in you, and by Friday, shift all the worries to a partner or colleagues.

A dream come true this weekend. A good time for a romantic relationship.

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This week, you’ll need to balance work and play. Otherwise, your health and emotional state will remind you of this.

The family will go smoothly as long as you pay enough attention to the household. As a reward, receive a surprise from your loved one.


It is better not to plan purchases at this time, There is a big risk that you will be deceived. At work and in personal life, no disasters are foreseen. On the contrary, this week will be easy and fruitful.

However, do not overdo it, take time for relaxation and hobbies.


Auspicious week for making your dreams come true. You can’t put off any longer. The people around you will replace how your eyes are burning and you go to the goal.

There will be no time to rest, but by Sunday you will have a clear plan for your future life.


Small quarrels with loved ones may arise, attention and care will help to avoid them. Have some fun in the middle of the week.

Thursday and Friday are a good time to think about a new project or get carried away with a hobby. Plan your weekend trip and spend more time with your friends.


Capricorns need some peace of mind this week. Don’t make big decisions. Take time to meditate and sleep. It will be difficult to focus on tasks.

By the end of the week, financial questions may arise. Do not lend money. On the weekend, shine the morning only for yourself.


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A new person will appear in your life. Perhaps the love of your life, or maybe just a friend. Don’t lose your head. A blockage can occur at work.

Schedule extremely pleasant meetings for Saturday. Business transfer – for the next week, it will be more fruitful.


The week will start actively. Your ideas will be approved at work. You can get into a tricky situation on Tuesday. In family and friendship, mutual understanding will reign. In the middle of the week, on Wednesday or Thursday, recuperate, you can even take a day off.

Energy will appear closer to Saturday. On weekends, it is better to spend time with your family and children. Interesting encounters await lonely fish.

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