Horoscope for the week: from December 26 to January 1, Aries needs to gain courage, and Libra needs patience – Psychology

An astrologer from Izhevsk made a forecast for the next week Photo: Masha Baklanova

1-12.png Aries

Don’t be afraid to stand your ground in any situation. The courage and desire to achieve more will be an excellent springboard for you to achieve your goals in the last week of the outgoing 2022.

1-12.png Taurus

The past can leave an indelible mark on your soul. However, it should not be a reason to stay put. Time to believe in the best. A new dawn of life awaits you.

1-12.png Twins

Faith alone will not be enough to fulfill a cherished dream. Both love and happiness will come into life, if you do not give up. The stars advise Gemini not to waste time and act.

1-12.png Cancer

The world is generous with hints and signs. Pay attention to your dreams. It is highly likely that they will reflect the upcoming events of your life. But in reality, be careful. There is a person next to you who wants to confuse the path of your destiny. Avoid it.

1-12.png a lion

Knowing the mistakes of the past can help prevent the recurrence of sad events. Before you take a step towards the abyss, ask yourself if you really need it. A moment of weakness can be costly.

1-12.png Virgo

If you are still on course, the stars advise that it is time to do so. It will be ideal if you can pretend and blend in with the crowd. Watch your words. This week they have a special power and can harm your reputation.

1-12.png Scales

Life will remind you of the importance of maintaining a balance between roughness and softness. Be ready to retreat in time or sacrifice something if necessary. Be diplomatic and patient to get what you want.

1-12.png Scorpio

Loneliness will bypass your life these days. Relatives will warm you with warmth and will not leave you without their protection. But do not overdo it with reciprocal love. Control is not a concern. Remember this.

1-12.png Sagittarius

Want to attract abundance into your life? Pay close attention to the little things that surround you every day. Untimely thrown out garbage, forgotten gloves or a lost check can cause serious problems.

1-12.png Capricorn

The consequences of your previous decisions can seriously affect your future and scare off the financial flow for a long time. By the way, changes on the personal front are also not long in coming. But do you need them now? The world will give you a sign soon.

1-12.png Aquarius

Freedom will overwhelm you, and luck itself will come into your hands. But don’t forget where you really come from. This is the best time to deal with the past and sort through the rubble of oppressive memories.

1-12.png Fishes

Magic will overflow in your heart. This week you will learn something new about yourself. Get ready to seize the moment. Perhaps a new chapter in life will begin for you.

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