Hot Wednesday with Poor Air Quality Expected in Arizona | Video | Univision Phoenix KTVW

presented …journalist: thanks forcontinue in east synthWednesday of celebration of the 5be a pretty hot goin much of the valley of the sun.take into consideration thatwe will also have poor qualityof is important that you knowprotect, at least in themorning.the temperatures will not behot.we wait for temperatures inthe 70’s range, close toat 4:00 in the afternoontemperature of a hundred degrees,a lot of caution since indexheat over a hundred degreesleads to heat cramps orexhaustion.remember that exhaustion byheat can precisely givedizziness, headache.stay very well hydrated.temperatures close to a hundreddegrees prevail towards theFriday.three were going pretty hotfor what is the valley of the sectors of the north of the state.we expect very temperaturesclose to 75.until Thursday we canapproach 80.even in the north you the valley between maricopa and thepinal county we have in effectnotice for air qualityuntil Friday.a stable outlook.we do not expect any rain inthe area.promotes what is a descenttemperatures.when thetemperatures?see, for what thenext Saturday in the 95, willIt remains until Sunday the day of

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