House wanted in Alaska – Tele 5 – 24. juin 2022, 05:20

House wanted in Alaska – Tele 5 – 24. juin 2022, 05:20 – Teleboy

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Friday, June 24 • 05:20



Episode 4



Bears plundering supplies, mooses in the garden and horrendous heating costs: Anyone who buys their own home in Alaska has to be prepared for a lot. But you will be rewarded with magnificent views in the largest US state surrounded by mountains and lakes. You can fish right behind the house or watch wildlife from the patio. And if you put the salmon you caught on the grill, no neighbor will complain. Many people appreciate this seclusion. And the real estate market lures with a wide range of offers. Rustic log cabins and chic dwellings with sauna and whirlpool: This series shows the cosiest homes and introduces their buyers.



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