Houston Deputy Police Chief Fired After Accused of Promoting Prostitution – NBC Houston

HOUSTON – An anti-prostitution operation carried out at a Montgomery County hotel on Wednesday night cost Harris County Police District 5 Deputy Chief Brian Harris his job.

Harris was arrested along with a group of 13 others on charges of paying for sex with prostitutes.

Harris, who was serving as second-in-command in Harris County Police Precinct 5, was immediately fired, according to the police authority.

The undercover operation took place just after 11 pm Wednesday at a hotel in Conroe.

The senior officer has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, first as a homicide detective with the Houston Police Department and later with Harris County Police Precinct 5.

He has also served as a lecturer on interrogation practices to different police agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as documented by himself on a website and where he offers conferences and training in areas such as homicides, police hiring, interrogation practices, handling in shootings where police officers are involved, among others.

Here you can see the activities that the high officer offered at the training level.

Here are the dramatic images from the Bronx.

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