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Budapest, February 22, AZERTAC

According to a recent anonymous poll among adult Hungarians, about 45 percent of respondents consider the coronavirus “not as bad as it is portrayed.” In their opinion, the media has made an effort to dramatize what is, in general, “not so different” from the usual types of flu.

According to AZERTAC, almost half of those who at some point felt the symptoms of this disease admitted that they did not observe quarantine and did not consider themselves obliged to restrict themselves in movement. They left their homes, walked the streets, entered shops and public transport and, perhaps, even managed to infect others, among whom were those who could not overcome the disease and lost their lives.

Quite often these were people who, for some reason, were sure that they could easily endure the illness. And for some reason they did not think about the fact that they could unwittingly cause the death of others.

The thing is that in Europe a very large percentage of the population places personal freedom above the courteous attitude towards others, especially the elderly. During a pandemic, such an approach to the topic can lead to the death of a neighbor. However, is not this one of the reasons why the government of the country has to repeatedly extend the duration of the state of emergency and tighten restrictive measures?

Parvana Garaeva

staff correspondent of AZERTAC


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