How Evgenia Brik felt two years before her death

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Evgenia Brik died on February 10, she was 40 years old. As it became known, the actress struggled with cancer for a long time. A couple of years ago, she gave an interview to journalists, in which, among other things, she spoke about how she treated the pandemic.

Image taken from: Instagram @evgeniabrik

The actress shared that it was very difficult for her to accept what was happening in the world, she even lost touch with reality, but pulled herself together and accepted the situation as it is, continuing her life path.

Evgenia Brik said that during the quarantine period she tried to spend time more productively. The artist has found a lot of hobbies for herself. She also devoted a lot of time to her family: her husband Valery and daughter Zoya. The actress became interested in gymnastics, played the piano, watched many TV shows and films, and read books. In general, I was engaged in those cases for which there was not enough time and energy before.

In that interview, the actress urged everyone to believe in a happy future, appreciate their loved ones, devote more time to them, and also keep love in their hearts.


Author: Mamontova Alexandra

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