How healthy are non-carbonated soft drinks? – The Sun of Toluca

Mexico is one of the countries where soft drinks are consumed the most, according to a Statista report released in August 2022, it ranks fourth in the world.

The first place is held by the United States, followed by Japan and the United Kingdom with second and third place respectively, Australia is in fifth place and then Switzerland and Norway, Russia and China are at the other extreme as countries that consume the least.

Excessive consumption of soda brings health problems that lead to weight gain and associated diseases, including diabetes, so the recommendation is to avoid its consumption if you want to have a healthy life.

But within the options on the market, in the case of the Mexican, there is the option of soft drinks without gas, however, can they be a healthier option?

The soft drink companies have worked on the creation of non-carbonated products to avoid the multiple effects that it causes to our body, but in the end the recommendation of the experts and the health sector is to always resort to the intake of natural products, because although non-carbonated soft drinks they are healthier, there is no more beneficial drink for our body than water.

One of the main drawbacks is the high sugar content and therefore the calories, for example Chaparrita (a company that was created in 1937) contains 25 grams and 100 calories per 250 milliliters, but Delaware in a 600-milliliter bottle has 75 grams and 264 calories, which is not healthy for the body.

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