How healthy is the “miracle cure” made from hemp really?

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Created: 01/09/2023, 8:30 p.m

Von: Jasmin Farah


For stress, chronic pain or inflammation: CBD oil has been on everyone’s lips for quite some time. Numerous companies with new products sprout from the ground. But are they really healthy?

In creams, as drops or even in chocolate: CBD oil is booming. The market has been flooded with all sorts of products related to the active ingredient from hemp for some time. Manufacturers outdo each other with promises of salvation, after all, they should CBD oil doesn’t just relieve chronic pain and anti-inflammatory, but also have a relaxing effect on stress. But what is CBD anyway? And can it really do as much as its numerous followers around the world claim?

CBD oil is trendy: miracle cure for cancer and co.?

A few drops of CBD oil in the coffee? Some use it when they are constantly energized. © AndreyPopov/Imago

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol and is extracted from the female hemp plant. However, the active ingredient does not make you high or dependent, only the THC obtained from hemp can do that. This has an intoxicating effect and is used for joints, for example, while CBD is not psychoactive. It should only bring the positive effects of hemp with it, which is why it is considered a miracle cure par excellence by celebrities and fans of naturopathy. CBD oil is said to offer other benefits and help with:

  • sleep disorders
  • period pains
  • Skin problems such as acne or neurodermatitis
  • anxiety and depressions
  • migraine
  • intestinal diseases
  • multiple sclerosis
  • rheumatism
  • Krebs

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But in science, the effect of CBD oil is controversial. In fact, hemp and its various active ingredients are already being used for medicinal purposes, but the body of studies is still very thin and the science is still in its infancy. Research is already being carried out to develop new drugs and gentler healing methods using the active ingredient.

Liver damage from CBD oil? study

But some studies are more cautious. One new investigation found out about that CBD oil also have side effects can. The University of Arkansas for Medical Science reports possible liver damage. But: This should be the case above all with larger quantities. That also confirms that Forbes-Magazine. According to this, the harmful dose is ten to 20 milligrams above the amount that is consumed on average. However, the scientists also make it clear that more research is needed to confirm a clear connection.

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