How many cities named Rome are there in the United States? And Paris? And Madrid?

There is a saying in English that is similar to our “wherever you go, do what you see”. It is about “When in Rome, do as romans do”. That is, when you are in Rome, do as the Romans. However, that saying refers to imperial Rome, or to the Italian one in any case, not to the cities named in the United States in honor of the eternal city. Which are not few. Up to 13 cities (villages, actually, and even vacant lots in many cases) are called Rome in the American country. And it is not the only city that doubles: there are 23 Paris and up to 9 Madrid. Many are just uninhabited places.

Specifically, the various American Romes are distributed throughout the states of Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, among others. There seems to be not much to do anywhere except take in the scenery and enjoy the rural customs. It is not the only case, There are 23 cities called Paris in the United States.. Unforgettable one of them thanks to the film by Wim Wenders (“Paris, Texas”), which exists in Texas. But Illinois and Missouri also have their less-glamorous Paris, by the way. And there are up to three New Paris. One project even tried to set a route to go through all of them and get an Eiffel Tower pin.

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