How many Miss Universe has the United States won in history?

USA It is, without a doubt, the country that has the most crowns in the miss Universe. And it is that, since 1954, the North American country has managed to obtain eight editions of the beauty pageant.

Because, R’Bonney Gabrielwho represents the country in this year’s edition, has in his power the great responsibility of continuing the legacy.

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Discover who are the most beautiful American women who are part of this important list.

Who is Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson?

Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson was born in 1933 in Winnsboro, South Carolina.

Her life was always linked to beauty pageants. In the year 1954became the first American to be Miss Universe.

Stevenson beat Martha Rocha, representing Brazil, and received the crown from Christianne Martel of France.

She was a television presenter and actress. Likewise, she acted in Hollywood movies and on different television networks such as WIS, NBC, among others.

Who is Carol Ann Laverne?

Carol Ann Laverne was born on October 25, 1936 in Omaha. She was a model, a former beauty queen, and loved to play the violin.

By winning the Miss Iowa and Miss USA titles in 1954, she had the opportunity to participate in the Miss Universe of 1956, thus becoming the absolute winner and second North American queen.

Who is Linda Jeanne Bement?

Linda Jeanne Bement is the third American to be crowned Miss Universe in 1960. She was not only a model, but also a former beauty queen.

In his youth, he was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She married the Panamanian Manuel Ycaza in 1962 and as a result of that marriage they had two children.

On March 19, 2018, he died of natural causes at his home located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Who is Sylvia Louise Hitchcock?

Sylvia Louise Hitchcock was born on January 31, 1946 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. She worked as a model, actress and beauty queen.

She competed in Miss Alabama United States, Miss United States and Miss Universe 1967. In the last contest, she obtained the title that led her to be crowned the fourth American to win the contest.

Thanks to his acting career, Hitchcock participated in the documentary Beneath the Crown together with Susan Gallagher and married William Carson, with whom he had three children.

He passed away at the age of 69 on August 15, 2015.

Who is Shawn Nichols Weatherley?

Shawn Nichols Weatherly was born on July 24, 1959 in South Carolina.

She won Miss Universe in 1980. held in South Korea, where Scotland and New Zealand won.

She became known worldwide not only by playing Jill Riley in the hit series Baywatchbut also for giving life to Karen Adams on the tape Crazy Police Academy 3: Back to School.

She married Chip Harris, president of a biotechnology research company, in 1994 and they have two children together.

Who is Chelsi Mariam-Pearl Smith?

Chelsea Mariam-Pearl Smith was a Californian model and actress.

After obtaining the title of Miss USA in 1995, she traveled to Namibia to compete in Miss Universe. The North American obtained the highest qualification and won the important contest.

At the end of his reign, he married his trainer Kelly Blair and moved to Los Angeles. She passed away on September 8, 2018 from liver cancer at the age of 45.

Who is Brook Antoinette Mahealani?

Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee was born on January 8, 1971. She is a model, took graduate courses in Communication at the University of Hawaii, and graduated from the Kamehaloona School in 1989.

She is the seventh American to win the Miss Universe crown in 1997.

At the end of his reign, he has appeared in different movies as television shows.

Who is Olivia Frances Culpo?

Olivia Frances Culpo is an American model originally from Cranston County who was born on May 8, 1992.

Was the primera Miss Rhode Island in obtaining the title of Miss United States in 2012and after that decoration, he managed to participate the same year in the miss Universe where she became the absolute winner, defeating representatives of Brazil, Australia, Venezuela and the Philippines.

She is the spokesperson for different campaigns against breast cancer and works together with renowned NGOs such as ‘Susan G. Komen for the Cure’, the most important organization in the USA.

Likewise, she is the image of different brands recognized throughout the world and participated in both the film ‘The Other Woman’ and in different music videos, among which are ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas and ‘Amor’ by Emin Agalarov.

Currently, he has a restaurant called ‘Back 40’ dedicated to the cuisine of his native land.

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