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At the end of January, a new season of the Ivanov-Ivanov series, which has already won the love of the audience, was released on television. One of the central roles in it was played by Stanislav Duzhnikov, whose hero had not previously appeared in this story. About how the already formed team accepted him, the actor spoke in a recent interview.

“It so happened that the continuation of this story literally swirled around me. My character owns real estate, where the Ivanovs come after another escape from some other place. I play the older brother of the hero Sergei Burunov, Boris, ”said Duzhnikov.

“I haven’t seen the whole new season yet, except maybe small pieces, promo videos … As a rule, artists are allowed to see everything in full only if practically all the material is used for dubbing. And we have a clear sound. Therefore, I, like everyone else, am in anticipation and hope that the premiere will be worthy and the viewer will like it, ”Stanislav admitted.

“Honestly, I was worried about how the team would perceive me. After all, I am a newcomer to this film family – I used to be with the Voronins. But I was received very well! On the set, we had an atmosphere of friendship and love. Of course, there were some inconsistencies, confrontations took place, but all this was a creative moment that made it possible to create a soulful good story, ”the actor said.

“Plus there was a country atmosphere around, cows, geese and other animals. It all helped a lot too. True, some of the girls had to run around the set from geese … But I can definitely say that no one was hurt. We and all the animals are safe and sound and ready to go on filming, ”he added with a smile.

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