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One of the most famous electric pick-ups in the segment is the Ford F-150 Lightning. The oval firm launched the model in the middle of last 2021 and today it is already among one of the most successful models of the company. But how is it built? the famous youtuber JerryRigEverything was able to visit the factory recently and post a video showing the entire manufacturing process at the Dearborn, Michigan, facility.

Ford has promised a lot with this electric pick-up. In recent statements made by Jim Farley, CEO of the company, explained that the brand will keep on its payroll all your employees once the transition to 100% electric vehicles is carried out. The success declared by the F-150 Lightning will have a large part to blame for this learning, since Currently, it accumulates enough reserves to maintain its production for the next two years.

However, despite all the information that this model has moved, the brand has never published videos on how it is manufactured, until now. The aforementioned youtuber was invited to visit the facilities and record an explanatory video. The footage is in English, but Spanish subtitles can be selected.

The dashboard of the electric pick-up is incorporated into the body in a single block

Far from all expectations, the start of manufacturing occurs in the highest area of ​​the facilities. The bodies and platforms arrive at this place from the painting department, already decorated with the colors chosen by the clients. From this second floor they go down to the first, where they move on AGVs to the place where they attach elements such as wiring, roof, hood or headlights. Subsequently, the entire dashboard, with steering wheel or central multimedia screen, is also included in a single block.

Until then, the front structure (cab) and the rear (box) go separately. In the next step, both parts are joined with specific screws in the lower area. Once the bodywork is complete, “the ceremony” takes place, where bodywork and platform come together. Elements such as the battery, wheels or electric motors are housed on the latter.

As a curiosity, one of the last elements to be installed is the floor of the front trunk, since, before that, they must complete the connection of the wiring and filling of elementary fluids (brakes, windshield wipers…). All this is located under this element.

As the last step in the construction, the car is checked in which the lights, brakes, starter or multimedia system (digital instrumentation and central infotainment screen) are tested. Here too a test of the cabin sealing is carried out spraying the car with several jets of water.

Before being sent to the collection point to start distribution, the Ford F-150 Lightning remains connected to a fast charging point for 30 minutes. With this, the model leaves the factory with 80 percent of the charge and concludes the entire process.

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