How to attract love – Feng Shui will help with this

If anyone does not know, then feng shi is a philosophical system based on the search for favorable energy flows that help to find harmony with oneself and the world around. Experts are sure that with the help of certain knowledge of feng shui, you can attract love, happiness and prosperity to your home. But how to do that?

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Experts say that it is important to divide your premises into several sectors and each of them will carry its own task and be responsible for one or another side of life, for example, health, wealth, luck, love, etc. First of all, using a compass, you need to determine the southwestern part of the housing, because it is responsible for relationships, marriage and love, and this zone needs to be activated.

What should be in this zone? Paired figurines, figurines of doves or swans, or paired vases. You can put indoor plants and monitor their flowering state.

What shouldn’t be in this zone? There should be no rubbish, sharp objects, paintings depicting water (water extinguishes the fire of love and passion), lonely people and trees, old magazines and newspapers, as well as old furniture.

Ideally, the bedroom door should not face the door to another room. There should be no stairs or mirror opposite the bedroom door. In no case should the bedroom be next to the toilet.

The correct shape of the bedroom is rectangular with flat floors and a ceiling. It is not recommended to have more than one mirror in the bedroom. And you can’t let the bed reflect in it

To ensure the flow of life-giving Qi energy, the bedroom must be well lit, but the sun’s rays should not fall on the family bed.

If you decide to build a new relationship, the old bed and old linen should be removed. They keep the energy of past relationships, which is not good. This will negatively affect your new romance. In addition, the bedroom must be filled not only with symbols and talismans, but also with bright thoughts, hopes and faith in the best.

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