How to look 20 years younger? 77-year-old actress Lauren Hutton revealed her secrets

On the cover of the magazine Vogue Lauren Hutton has appeared over twenty-five times. The iconic actress, supermodel, and today, at the age of 77, looks just fine. Much younger than his age. Lauren actively shares her secrets of beauty and youth in an interview.

Lauren’s mission is to change women’s attitudes towards aging. She shows by her example that at any age you can look bright and attractive.

The star’s first secret is an active lifestyle.

Lauren was fond of motocross until she was 50, but after a serious accident she changed this hobby to diving. To keep fit, Lauren does Pilates and trekking. Hiking in the fresh air is good for your heart and improves your complexion.

The second secret is mindful eating.

Lauren does not mix protein with simple carbohydrates, sticks to two meals a day, and drinks a lot of water.

Skin care is an important point at any age. Women spend most of their budget on cosmetics for face and body care. But Lauren says that all her life she has used only moisturizer and regular soap for washing her face. The world celebrity is an ardent opponent of “beauty” injections and plastic surgeries. She believes that you need to grow old beautifully. Only in recent years has Lauren started using products with retinol, one of the forms of vitamin A. Another beauty secret is jojoba oil. When taking a shower or washing your face, it is useful to rub it into the skin, so it is moisturized and cleansed at the same time.

But the main secret of youth and beauty, according to Lauren Hatto, is an emotional state: interest in life and people, joy, gratitude and love.

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