How to make the raspberry cordial they drink in the Anne series with E [Espectáculos] – 01/01/2021

Mexico City.- Anne with E became one of the favorite series of users of Netflix and there is no doubt that one of the funniest episode of the series based on the books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, is the one in which Anne and her friend Diana Barry they get drunk (by mistake) by mistaking a currant wine for a raspberry cordial. The first one has alcohol and the second one does not.

Anne gets the wrong bottle and serves it to her friend, who exclaims, “I didn’t know the raspberry cordial was so good.” Diana is already going for her second glass and is already exclaiming that she has never tasted anything so good. After a long talk with Anne (while Diana continues to drink), her friend begins to feel dizzy. She is already drunk and Marilla will have to explain to Anne what she has done.

And the mistake was a shame because the raspberry cordial looks pretty good and promises to taste pretty good. In BookRiot (in a post about how to have an Ana the Green Gables themed party) they have found a recipe to create the drink that Anne and Diana should have drank. The recipe is from a specialized book (yes, there are cookbooks to take back Green Gabbles’s cooking) and they’ve featured it on Food. To make the cordial you need 300 grams of raspberries, three lemons, sugar and water.

The first thing to do is put the raspberries (frozen!) In a saucepan and add the sugar (just over a cup). It is put on the fire and stirred until the sugar dissolves. Then you have to crush it until they are well mixed and crushed. Strain to extract the juice and mix with that of two previously squeezed lemons. Add to the mixture six glasses of boiling water. Mix everything well together and let it cool. To serve, they recommend adding a thin slice of lemon to each glass. (hence three lemons are needed).

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This is roughly the recipe for cordial, although it is always better to take a look at the original.

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