How to recycle and reuse clothes

There are no excuses for not giving your clothes a second life.

Bjorn Iooss.

Thrift+, United Kingdom

Submit your bags of unwanted clothing to Thrift+ and the online platform will catalog and sell them for you in exchange for charitable donations or Farfetch credits, or both.

Balenciaga Resale Program, Worldwide

Launched in 2022, the program Balenciaga Re-Seal gives a second life to your garments. Currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Singapore, with this service you can schedule the collection or simply deliver those items that you no longer want. Once sold, you can redeem them for cash or receive 20% store credit.

Kimai Second Life, mundial

All jewelery deserves several chances in life, says London brand Kimai, which redesigns old pieces, recycling metal and using existing stones from other jewellery, to turn them into new treasures for its customers.

Helen Kirkum, world

The London designer Helen Kirkum not only offers a waste recycling service on her website custom footwearbut also a tennis creation workshop in which participants can learn to create their own footwear.

ELV Denim Bespoke Services, United Kingdom

London company ELV Denim is now offering bespoke and personalized services to further advance its strategy of better zero-waste production while encouraging customers to shop less and shop more consciously.

Knickey, United States

The recycling program of the American brand of underwear Knickey will accept used underwear and turn it into new materials, such as insulation. Those who donate will get a 15% discount on their next purchase.

Upparel, Australia

Upparel is Australia’s leading collection company for textiles, both from individuals and businesses. With the B-Corp certification, it has managed to recover more than 1 million kilos of textiles that would otherwise end up in landfills.

WeCycle, United States

After collecting textiles from schools, residential buildings, offices and other places in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), WeCycle recycles or repurposes them into new garments.

Cullachange, Australia

Give your clothes new life with Cullachange, a Sydney-based startup that will dye your clothes a new color if they already look dull and lifeless.

Article originally published in Vogue US, Adapted by Ramón Barreto.

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