How to renew my driver’s license in Florida

As the expiration date approaches, every driver in the state of Florida receives a renewal notice from the same Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).. In this way, this state agency in charge of granting driving privileges makes sure that residents comply with the laws and are not at risk of committing violations for driving without proper authorization. Regardless of when the notice arrives, individuals can request a renewal up to 18 months before the license expires.

Driver’s licenses in Florida are valid for 8 years.. After that period has elapsed, each driver must start the process of requesting a replacement to be able to use their privileges without inconvenience.

How to renew a driver’s license in the state of Florida?

The FLHSMV allows drivers to renew their driver’s license online or in person. Although renewing online is often the most convenient, not all drivers are eligible to do so. Those who do not meet the criteria will need to apply in person at a local office. The steps to follow, for each case are the following:

Online: In order to do so, the applicant must be a US citizen with a standard license and their last renewal must have been processed in person. At the same time, the FLHSVM requires that the applicant has not received any type of suspension in the past. For this modality, all people who have a Real ID license are especially eligible. If you meet these criteria, the applicant must:

1. Visit the GoRenew online system official website of the FLHSMV.

To request a duplicate through GoRenew, it is important to follow the instructions that the system will mark once the terms and conditions of the service are accepted. Credit: FLHSMV | Courtesy

2. Once inside, the applicant must enter: driver’s license number, date of birth and the last four digits of the Social Security Number (SSN).
3. Enter the credit card number with which the corresponding fee will be paid.

After completing these steps, the applicant only has to wait for the driver’s license to arrive at their mailing address in the following weeks.

In person: Under this modality, all people who do not meet the eligibility criteria to do so online must attend. Also those who wish to exchange their standard license for a driver’s license with Real ID. The steps to follow are those:

1. Consign the necessary documents: 1 document that serves as proof of identity, 1 document that serves as proof of Social Security Number, 2 documents that serve as proof of residence. For each case, the FLHSMV considers the same list of federally acceptable documents for the Real ID application.
2. Pay the fee corresponding to the procedure.

Although standard licenses are valid for 8 years in the state of Florida, this rule only applies to people under the age of 80. Drivers over that age receive a 6-year driver’s license, provided they pass a vision test.

People who need to renew after a suspension or revocation, They can do it once they have completed their sentence., if authorized by the FLHSMV. In these cases, it is necessary that the applicant has also complied with other legal obligations.

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