How to retain newcomers to a city through a newsletter: the HowToTucson example

View of downtown Tucson, Arizona

The strategies of the media to retain readers do not always take into account some of the subscription triggers such as the change of residence from one city to another.

The fact that, for work, study or other reasons, a person changes their place of residence in an autonomous community or region, becomes, especially for local media, a unique opportunity to attract that new resident to the local newspaper and build loyalty, since you will need truthful information to be able to locate and adapt to the new city.

This is Tucson, a media outlet in the city of Tucson, in the United States, has designed a successful strategy to attract those people who settle in a city and resort to Google search engine or other sources to find out what to do in the city, or where to eat.

This is Tucson ha creado un six newsletter special, called #HowToTucson for newcomers to the area. The newsletter series has been coordinated by a local journalist from the outlet, Johanna Willett, and illustrated by an Arizona Daily Star graphic artist, Chiara Bautista.

“Either because Tucson just moved to or has been here for a while, learning more about this city we call home makes us all city dwellers. That is why we have created this series of newsletters called #HowToTucson, aimed at introducing you to the climate, food, open air spaces and culture of our city, in addition to what you can expect from local schools and civic life, ”says the newspaper of this city of 545,000 inhabitants, and headquarters of the University of Arizona.

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Screenshot of the newsletter service

Once the new neighbor in town has signed up to receive them, the eight newsletters are sent out every other morning, so that newcomers or those who have been in the city for some time “learn the basics from local experts”.

The newsletters inform every two days, until they cover just over two weeks, of Topics such as the main events of the local Tucson calendar throughout the year, the most outstanding gastronomic spaces, routes through places such as the Sonoran desert, and much useful information such as updated average salaries in the city, the cost of housing or the best strategies to reduce the cost, comparison of the cost of living with respect to other cities, etc.

The newsletters, in addition to the direct information they provide, offer numerous links where users can expand the information.

According recoge News Revenue Hub, editor Irene McKisson said that the five-person #ThisIsTucson team it took about three months to launch the newsletter series. “We had never created a newsletter course before, so part of that time was figuring out the technology of the email campaign and the actual writing of the newsletters,” he explained. “

#HowToTucson launched on December 4 and is off to a good start. More than 3,500 people have subscribed to the newsletter so far, and even 18 of them have subsequently become paying members, and conversions are expected to continue. The reader’s response has been enthusiastic. “I love these emails. Read each and every one of them carefully. He is my guide ”, said a subscriber.

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