How Viktor Prokhorov organized work with kickboxers and instilled in them an interest and love for this sport

Reputation of Viktor Prokhorov in the world of sports at a height, achieves status due to dedication to his favorite work, analytical thinking, faith in justice and future prospects.

The mentor of the world kickboxing champion Ksenia Miroshnichenko, the coach of the Kaluga sports school “Vympel”, who gave a start to life for several hundred wonderful athletes, was awarded the title “Honored Coach of Russia”.

Victor’s Star

Viktor Prokhorov is a pioneer. He was one of the first in Kaluga to organize work with promising kickboxing athletes, instilling in them an interest and love for this sport.

According to the regional kickboxing federation, there are 300 people who are keen on one of the most spectacular and technical types of martial arts in our region. Basically, of course, boys, boys and men. However, some brave girls like kickboxing. The most titled pupil of Prokhorov, Ksenia Miroshnichenko, has been training under his supervision since 1996. This fearless beauty has countless titles. In her weight category in tough contact kickboxing, almost no one has been able to win for many years in a row.

– His trainings are always physically and emotionally intense, – says Ksenia about her mentor. – He teaches to think in the ring, analyze and act proactively. Viktor Nikolaevich helped me to form as a coach.

– In addition to educating athletes, Prokhorov is a mentor for young and novice sports teachers, prepares methodological developments to help those who master the profession of a coach, – confirms the words of the famous athlete Mikhail Ivanovich Kordapolov, chairman of the regional council of sports veterans.

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Kickboxing is a synthesis of classic English boxing with kicks borrowed from Japanese karate, throwing wrestling techniques and sweeping – a truly explosive mixture that makes a kickboxer in the ring a versatile fighter.

In Kaluga sports school “Vympel” this sport has been cultivated for more than a quarter of a century. The section appeared here on March 3, 2019. For more than 20 years in the sports school this sport has been taught to children and girls by the honored worker of physical culture, sports and tourism of the Kaluga region, coach of the highest category Viktor Nikolaevich Prokhorov. Over the years, more than 400 arresters have been trained by him and his associates alone!

Originally from the 90s

Back in 1969, at the Leningrad College of Physical Education, Prokhorov received a boxing coach diploma. There, in St. Petersburg, at the Pedagogical Institute. AI Herzen in 1975 he was awarded a diploma of higher education.

For the first 10 years Prokhorov worked as a coach of the youth boxing team of the Trudovye Rezervy society. One of his first pupils, Sergei Mironov, twice won the championships of the Soviet Union and has been working as a coach at Vympel for a long time.

– Kickboxing was born in Kaluga at the very beginning of the 90s, – Viktor Nikolaevich recalls. – Then karate and other eastern martial arts, prohibited in the Soviet Union, began to emerge from the “underground”. At first, kickboxing sections appeared in secondary schools No. 3 and No. 9, headed by Igor Ageev. The first student of Prokhorov to achieve international recognition was the 1997 European champion Vitaly Goncharovsky, who came to kickboxing from karate.

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Dreams Come True

– Victor Nikolaevich, your pupils show high results. What’s the secret?

– There is no secret. There is daily work and love for the work of life.

– What are you dreaming about?

– I really want kickboxing to be given even more attention. This is one of the most harmonious sports, combining elements of boxing and karate. The regional ministry of sports does not forget about us, allocates the required amount, but still this is not enough. We do not grumble, we try to attract sponsors. Young talents, like air, need to gain Russian and international experience. We are able to glorify Kaluga and Russia all over the world.

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