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Originally from the municipality of Huauchinango, Rosa Ivette Aquino Cruz, 20 years old and student of the fifth semester of the aeronautical engineering career at the Metropolitan Polytechnic University of the State of Hidalgo, was selected internally to participate in a contest of the NASA.

Thanks to her average school level and her level of English, the young woman from Puebla was chosen to attend Huntsville Alabama, United States, for which she subsequently sent a letter with the details of her interest in the contest. IASP 2021 and why you want to go, as well as what is striking about the project.

Her taste for the career she attends began at a young age, for difficulties and mathematics, since it is a mental game and a great challenge.

Find resources for your trip

To fulfill her dream, Rosa Ivette Aquino, requires 70 thousand pesos, to travel to Alabama from November 14 to 20, pay for her five-day stay; in addition to processing your Passport and visa.

And because of the high cost of the transfer, he makes desserts and sells them; He also runs a raffle for a laptop with headphones, with a price per ticket of 50 pesos.

What project will you present at NASA?

The project that Aquino Cruz will present is to implement everything that has to do with solar energy, related to solar panels and using the nanotechnology In other words, combining fuel with solar energy so that airplanes pollute less and do not harm the environment.

Finally, the winning project or team will be sent to the International Space Station.

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For those interested in supporting the young Huauchinanguense, she makes her phone number 7761538634 available to later provide an account number.


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