Hull City U23 – Birmingham City U23 (01/13/2021), bets and odds

On January 13, at 17:00 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the England Championship U23, in which the local club Hull City (23) will take on their rival in the national championship Birmingham City (23) at their stadium.


The football match Hull City (23) – Birmingham City (23) was supposed to take place last month, but due to bad weather conditions it was canceled and postponed to January 13. Spectators who have tickets for the game must go to the stadium and take their seats before 17:00 Moscow time. The teams have already met this year and delighted football fans by playing 4-4. Last season, there were also scoring results, because in one match the victory with a score of 4-2 was celebrated by the Hull City football club (23), and in the second match with a score of 5-1 went to the footballers of the Birmingham City club (23).

The next round of the prestigious cup opens with a football match between Hull City (23) and Birmingham City (23), scheduled for 13 January. The teams’ players will appear on the lawn at 17:00 Moscow time. These clubs do not often meet on the football field, because the last time they played with each other was four years ago, and then the Hull City footballers won 3-1 (23). In total, the history of this confrontation has fourteen matches, in which Hull City (23) has four wins and six losses.

Hall City (23)

The Hull City (23) football club was able to climb to the top division three years ago, and the team not only managed to gain a foothold here, but every year it demonstrates an increasingly strong game, and also constantly raises the bar. If last season the hosts finished in the middle of the table, having secured themselves early from the struggle for survival, then this season the Hull City football club (23) is trying to fight for the European cups. The team is on the sixth line, and five points are not enough to rise one more. Hull City (23) plays badly away from home, which prevents them from climbing higher in the championship, but the team has very good home results this season, with only one loss after six wins. With the current mentor, the hosts mainly play defensive football, so there are not many goals scored. In addition, in the offseason, the team was strengthened mainly by defensive players. Due to injury, the right winger and center-back will not be able to help the hosts.

This season, Birmingham City Football Club (23) continues to disappoint their fans, as they are unlikely to qualify for the Champions League, and this will be the second time in a row. Now the guests are in sixth place, five points behind the required line, so if you can push, you can still make it to the most prestigious European tournament. But, with a strong home game, Birmingham City FC (23) is showing weak results on the road, having lost six times, when there were only three wins. If the attack of the guests still demonstrates sharpness and regularly hits the goal of the opponents, then the defense surrendered very much, since there are no defenders played, which is why you can often see uncoordinated actions in the defense of your own goal. In their last five games, Birmingham City Football Club (23) has drawn two home wins and two defeats away. Three key midfielders at once will not be able to enter the field due to injuries.

Match forecast

After a short break on January 13, many European championships are resumed, so that it will already be possible to watch the football match Hull City (23) – Birmingham City (23). Its live broadcast is scheduled for 17:00 on Moscow time. In this and last season, these rivals did not meet on the football field, as they represented different divisions, and two years ago there were two matches between them. Both matches were won by Birmingham City (23) players, first at home in a 4-0 pogrom and then winning 3-2 away.

Hull City Football Club (23) has been playing in this division for many years, but the team has not fought for the first place for more than ten years, so it is constantly going a strong middle peasant and finishing in the middle of the standings. At the moment, the hosts are seventh, but have not yet lost their chances of making their way to the European Cups, as the gap is six points. It was even lower last month, but Hull City FC (23) is not in top shape now, with only two wins in the last five matches and three losses. The team is playing great at home this season, as only the top two clubs have more home wins. If Hull City Football Club (23) still played so well away, it could well be fighting for the championship title. The weak game this month was caused by personnel problems, because three central midfielders were injured, and in the last match the defensive midfielder was also disqualified.

Last season, the football club Birmingham City (23) finally managed to break into the Champions League, but the performance at the most prestigious European tournament was weak, and the team began to show weaker results in the championship, because at the moment it is seventh, and from the Ligochemistry zone lag is as much as seventeen points. In the best case, the guests will manage to break into the Europa League, which is only three points away. The football club Birmingham City (23) still has a problem with away matches, because the team takes most of the points at home, but away too often there are draws or defeats. At the moment, Birmingham City (23) seems to be in good shape, without losing six rounds. But, if in three home matches there were victories, then in three away draws, and after all, we had to play away against rather weak opponents. The left winger, defensive midfielder and two central defenders will definitely not help the team in this match, but the right midfielder can also miss the fight.

Today is the match Hull City U23 – Birmingham City U23 Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Our experts have no doubt that in a football match where Hull City (23) and Birmingham City (23) will play, the favorite will easily deal with their rivals. Both the bookmaker’s analysts and our experts rightly believe that the Birmingham City team (23) will not have any problems with their rivals. The guests, who are fighting for the highest places in the standings, are now in excellent shape and went to the home team in the fighting lineup. The home team is now experiencing enormous difficulties: not only does the club need to solve the problem of maintaining a residence permit, but also a large number of injured players of the base add to the problems. In light of these events, our experts believe that the guests will not just win the match, but will do it with a crushing score. Based on this, we recommend taking not only the victory of the Birmingham City team (23) in this match, but also betting on the guests’ handicap. The total total of goals scored is seen more in this match, since the game promises to be fun, and if desired, the guests alone can break through the total offered by the bookmakers. Since the match is expected to be rather friendly, our experts believe that the players of both teams will try to play accurately so that they do not injure themselves or their opponents again. Yes, and in personal meetings, the teams only a few times punched the proposed total of yellow cards. Based on this, the overall total of yellow cards in the match is seen to be less.

The match, which will take place on the Hull City (23) football field, will be significant for both football clubs participating in it. Hull City (23) and Birmingham City (23) are currently fighting for the top lines of the standings. Both clubs are performing well, but now that the football season is at its zenith, neither team can relax. Recall that both clubs take part in several tournaments at the same time, so now the team’s coaches need to clearly understand the situation. It is important to choose one tournament, which will become a priority, in which the team’s players will give 100 percent in order to achieve the result. As practice shows, football clubs that are torn between several tournaments in the middle of the season may end up doing nothing by spending the season idling. It is important to focus on one goal, and go towards it in all possible ways. That is why our experts, predicting this football match, say that it is better to watch the game a little and then place bets. Nowadays many bookmakers offer to place bets on the go. In principle, bettors will not lose anything from such an approach, but they will be able to correctly choose the favorite of the match for themselves, because the bookmakers offer us an almost equal line for this match.

TODAY MATCH Hull City (23) – Birmingham City (23). FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

The great start that Hull City (23) and Birmingham City (23) made in the championship made football experts seriously consider these football clubs as some of the contenders for the top spots in the championship. Now both clubs are not slowing down, continuing to delight football fans with a bright attacking game. Of course, teams do not always succeed in everything, but the players cannot be denied their efforts and assertiveness. Our experts have been following the play of these football clubs for a long time. Today we can say that the match between these teams should turn out to be very entertaining, since both clubs play exclusively on attack, therefore, the fans will have a large number of goals scored in this match. Needless to say, this match is important for one team and the other in terms of the distribution of forces in the standings. Hull City (23) and Birmingham City (23) still have enough matches ahead, they will have wins and losses. Club managers stressed that they do not attach any deep significance to this match, considering it as another championship match. This is done in order not to distract the players from preparation, since excessive pressure can lead to the fact that young players will simply burn out. Despite the statements of the teams’ mentors, our experts expect a real show from the match, with a large number of goals scored. We think that the teams are capable of holding such a match.


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