Huntsville, Alabama is named U.S. Space Force Command Headquarters – GNEWS

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Spain, January 13, 2021 / Xixi News Agency——Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced on Wednesday that Huntsville will become the new US headquarters of the US Space Command.

“I am extremely happy to learn that Alabama will become the new home of the US Space Command!” Ivey wrote on Twitter: “I am glad to know that Alabama will become the new headquarters of the US Space Command. !

“For a long time, our state has provided excellent support for our military and their families, as well as a rich and legendary history of space exploration. This combination will only enhance our 65 differences from Redstone Arsenal. The outstanding relationship with federal agencies, not to mention the growing presence of the FBI and other federal facilities.”

Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Texas, and Florida have also been considered as headquarters locations.

The Air Force stated that Huntsville met all the requirements of the Air Force: proximity to military bases involved in space, high security and communications capabilities.

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