Hurricane Ian leaves total devastation in Florida: what will the future look like for cities exposed to these natural disasters? | Shows To The Point

energy is unstable.if you think that thestorms are getting worsestrong they may havereason. According to NASA, themodels predict thathurricanes will cause rainmore intense, oldercoastal flooding andhigher storm surge.although the number of hurricanesremains the same what isform is more likelyto be intense. thatwith me ricardo alvarez.climate change expertok hurricanes. a pleasurehave it with us. I want himask first, thegovernor of floridadescribed what happened to himhurricane ian as an event ofone time floodevery 500 years. do you agree?ricardo: he is right in singingto statistics, but inI sing to reality no.statistics is just anumber. a percentage thatget out of studying history,how many events have there been andget a frequency, but thereality that every yearwe have a seasonhurricanes in the atlanticevery year we arevulnerable and at risk of beingaffected by one of them. NoIt is every 500 years. all theyears we have the risk.Let’s talk a little about thethe way ian behaved. I knowintensified very rapidly. thetemperature of the seas haswhat to do with that phenomenon inparticular?and the speed?ricardo: yes, the temperature isthe main fuel ofhurricane the hurricane is amachine to transport heat.a heat engine, from the areanear equator where it ishot towards the poles that isyou trust nature is veryknew about this. a very windystrong leads to heat anddistribute. the water was veryhot with ian. at 30°C.When I pass through Cuba and enter thegulf the hot water did itthat will intensifyquickly. We are seeing itmore frequently in theglobal warming.Ricardo: in the following yearswe will see this must be withat the frequency?noás huraán,but this kind of devastationwith more frenquency?Ricardo: In future years theheating, changecliatic continues, continues. theglobal warming is onincrease. it means that thefactors that contribute tothese impacts will doolder ones the probability ofwhich is as a result of blowsstrongest of these hurricanes.actually with ian insideall the tragedy we have hada bit of luck. did not affectas originally thoughtan urban area as large asthe one in tampait had been a totallydifferent.I come from the west coast.lived there 10 years.fires, heat zone in thesummer, like manyplaces in the world.terribly suffering. whenwe look back and seethose freaks, we see thehurricanes, is changing theclimate as fast as it isforecasts assuredRicardo: í, the weather ischanging much fasterstudies or modelsthey showed. of what I knowI expected.that is changing rapidlyBecause human influence hasconfused parsimony withchanges. a constant in thenature is change. we havehad climate change bymillions of years.epochs ofice, times of heat, butcertain speed. with thehuman intervention, gasgreenhouse and all that we havekind of chaos where patternsnormal atmosphere no longerdo they work.aí esá la situacón ahoraand we suffered all week.thank you very much, richard.

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