Hydro tariffs: relief could be granted to ski resorts

We have good listening skills and an excellent understanding of the reality of our industry within the government apparatus, wrote the president and CEO of ASSQ, Yves Juneau.

This is not his first such request from Hydro-Quebec. A situation that arises when the mild temperatures inflate the electricity bills of ski resorts, which must provide mechanical snow on the slopes.

He recalls that last spring, the crown corporation had agreed to suspend the winter penalty. The Association therefore considers that an equivalent measure is necessary this winter as well.

For example, during periods of warm weather, mechanical snowmaking costs about $ 2 per cubic meter of snow produced, according to Mr. Juneau. However, when the seasonal normal for December is reached – around -10 degrees at night – the cost is $ 0.50 per cubic meter.

Snow made at temperatures above -5 degrees requires more air, and compressors convert less water into snow.

Yves Juneau, CEO, ASSQ

Ski resorts, for example, are heavily penalized simply for using electricity on a seasonal rather than regular basis, to the point of having to pay up to double the average price., continues the CEO.

This situation represents an additional amount of $ 150,000 to $ 300,000 for a ski resort, according to the ASSQ.

Hydro-Québec undertakes to discuss

In response to the Association’s request, a spokesperson for Hydro-Québec, Gabrielle Leblanc, wrote that the state-owned company has been working with the Association and with ski centers for several years to help them put in place solutions to consume less and consume better and thus reduce their electricity bill.

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Discussions are underway with the ASSQ to find the measures that could respond to the difficult conditions encountered in ski centers this winter.

Hydro-Québec also mentions that several solidarity measures have been implemented for all customers.

The moratorium on service interruptions for non-payment will continue at least until March 31, 2021 so that no customer is deprived of electricity. In addition, no administration fees will be[ont] billed if a payment agreement is made, gives as an example the spokesperson.

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