Hyundai’s Kia Motor is required to pay more than 2.3 billion ransom after being attacked by ransomware –GIGAZINE

Of Apple’s self-driving carIt is rumored to be in charge of manufacturingHyundai’s car maker “KiaIs reported to have been attacked by ransomware and demanded a ransom of 2.3 billion yen or more.

Kia Motors America suffers ransomware attack, $20 million ransom

The Apparent Hackers Behind Kia’s Ransomware Attack Are Demanding Millions in Bitcoin

IT related news siteBleeping ComputerAccording to the report, since February 16, 2021, the site for owners provided by Kia Motor has been inaccessible. In addition, a user told Twitter, “When I went to a Kia car dealer in Arizona to pick up my car, the dealer’s manager told me,’Our computer has been disabled for 3 days by ransomware’ and picked up the car. I couldn’t get it in, “said Kia, which was attacked by ransomware.

When Bleeping Computer contacted Kia about the ransomware attack, Kia said, “Our system has been down for a long time. Online, there is speculation that Kia was attacked by ransomware.” We also recognize that it’s flying around, but we’ve confirmed that there’s no evidence of being’attacked by ransomware’, “and the company’s online system is disabled. Explains that the reason is not the attack by ransomware.

But Bleeping Computer is a cybercrime groupDouble PaymerGet the message that Kia left for Kia. The message states that Doppel Paymer has encrypted Kia’s data and backups, threatened to “disclose the data if not contacted within 3 days”, and how to contact the attacker.

In addition, when Bleeping Computer accessed the contact information in the message, he found a contact page prepared by Doppel Paymer. According to the contact page, Doppel Paymer demands a ransom of 404.5412 Bitcoins (about 2.3 billion yen) from Kia. The ransom will increase over time, and it seems that you will be demanding a ransom of up to 600 bit coins (about 3.5 billion yen).

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Kia denies ransomware attacks, but Kia dealers say car-related mediaThe Drive“The system is locked and we can’t process customer orders or search for detailed information about car parts,” Kia said in a serious damage. It is clear that there is.

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