“I gave time to think”: Ouspenskaya’s daughter decided to change her last name 07/21/2022 | Stars, showbiz

The queen of chanson noted that “Plaksina” says that you need to cry, and there were enough tears for Tatyana.

For a long time, Lyubov Uspenskaya and her daughter Tatyana Plaksina could not improve relations. The performer of the hit “Cabriolet” does not hide the fact that her ex-husband played an important role in this.

So, Lyubov Zalmanovna admitted that if she had not let her daughter go to Costa Rica for the second time, everything could have turned out differently.

“The mistake I made was allowing Tanya to fly to Costa Rica for the second time. At the suggestion of her daddy, who did it against my will. That’s when Tanya started smoking with the blessing of her father, had an accident … She trusted him and obeyed in everything. In general, my ex-husband did everything to destroy it. He himself lived like this: he didn’t do anything, he didn’t work, ”said the star.

Tatyana Plaksina and Lyubov Uspenskaya

Tatyana Plaksina and Lyubov Uspenskaya

She emphasized that, unlike daddy, Tanya herself can sit for hours at music or at drawing, because for her creativity is the main thing in life. Here, according to Uspenskaya, the daughter went to her.

By the way, conflicts in the star family came to naught – Tanya simply deleted her father from her life and even wants to change her last name. “The surname Plaksina says that you need to cry. Uspenskaya – success. But I gave Tanya the opportunity to think, to make an informed choice. She wanted to take the name of Casimir, my friend. But so far there is no final decision, ”said Uspenskaya.

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The friend, whose last name was chosen by Plaksina, at some point completely replaced the girl’s father, and also played an important role in the reconciliation of the mother and daughter. Earlier, the editors of uznayvse.ru talked about Oksana Akinshina, who spoke very tenderly and reverently about Kozlovsky, recalling her work on the flight Chernobyl.

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