I have all the symptoms of pregnancy, but I have never had intercourse …

Hi Doctors, this is not the first time I have written to you, but I am very scared and I need someone’s help. I don’t know if you remember but I repeat my situation. In October I used a vibrator (external contact only) that probably the NIGHT BEFORE could have gotten dirty with cum. After that episode I had all regular and normal cycles (except 1 that came without symptoms). There have been no similar episodes in October since and I have never had intercourse. This month my period has arrived regular but my strange,
1. The blood was less and it seemed to be struggling to go down, even if it cannot be said that there were few stains.
2 the color of the blood was bright red but not dark red
The problem is that my period has come off but my breasts don’t hurt anymore and it’s okay but the areolas are darker, there are Montgomery’s tubercles that don’t go away, the nipple seems bigger to me and has a stronger tip. clear. I have also had a very swollen stomach for about 4 days and I have pain in the ovary area, behind the back and in the abdominal area. My period lasts an average of 26 days and yesterday (eighth day of the cycle) I had white-transparent losses. I am very afraid not only for these pains in the belly area (I also feel like gurgles) but above all for the breasts which seem particularly strange to me and on the internet I have seen that I have all the symptoms of pregnancy, but I have never had intercourse in mine life.
What can this be due to? Why don’t tubercles go away?
I apologize for writing again but I can no longer live peacefully or sleep peacefully
I wait for an answer thanks a lot.

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Elena, 17 years old

Cara Elena,
sure we remember you and you were right to write to us again. When anxiety takes over we feel lost while more detailed information can help us feel more content.
As there have been no intercourse in recent months it is really difficult if not impossible that there is a pregnancy in progress. The cycle can undergo physiological fluctuations in relation to various factors that do not always depend on a pregnancy. For example, physical stresses such as fever, inflammation, or psychological stresses such as anxiety and stress can affect the course of the cycle. Nutrition and sport are also factors that determine delays, anticipations, or irregularities in form.
The symptoms you are talking about could be related to the fase ovulatoria where vaginal mucus leaks occur, they are watery, stringy and transparent, similar to the “clear (albumen) of the egg” and remain so until the end of ovulation, to then become dense and whitish immediately after ovulation. There may be a greater tension in the breasts which would also explain the color and turgor of the halo and present pain in the lower abdomen, cramps, generalized sense of heaviness and twinges in the side.
If you are unable to contain your anxiety, you could talk to a gynecologist who will give you all the appropriate answers with a thorough visit, but we reiterate that there is no risk of pregnancy.
A warm greeting!

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