“I left the car, won’t shop here anymore”

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Created: 01/13/2023 12:23 p.m

Von: Kai Hartwig


The price of these peanuts shocked a Rewe customer. She drew drastic consequences. © Screenshot / Twitter.com/MissSmilla1

Shopping is becoming more and more expensive for many customers. A Rewe customer couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked at the price tag – and took drastic consequences.

Munich – The Grocery prices have gone up significantly over the past few months went. Inflation and the Ukraine war are among the reasons why shopping in supermarkets and discounters became much more expensive for consumers. Sometimes the customers of Edeka, rewe, Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and the competition can no longer afford the products they liked to buy before the price increase.

This is a dramatic development, especially for people who were already living on the edge of poverty and barely making ends meet. Under the #I am poverty affected, many users on Twitter recently described how their everyday life is made even more difficult by price increases. On Rewe customer only called his small purchase “madness” when looking at the receipt. And a Lidl customer admitted that she “almost cried” when she heard the amount for a “small purchase”.

Rewe: Customer affected by poverty is “really scared again” after looking at the price tag on the snack shelf

A Rewe customer had to learn bitterly that the bill for small amounts of groceries skyrocketed. She posted a photo of a can of peanuts on Twitter and wrote: “I’m at Rewe right now. And now I’m really scared again. Before this month. Before this year. And anyway. This increase of 50 euros is a joke at the expense of us poor people.”

A price tag was shown next to the pack of peanuts on the shelf in the picture accompanying the tweet. The kilo price for the 450 gram can of “Maryland Snack Nuts Roasted and Salted” was 10.64 euros. The Rewe customer left it open how high the price was before. But she was apparently shocked at how much the peanut snack would cost her now.

Supermarket food price hike – demand for “subsidy of basic foodstuffs”

Another TwitterAt least the user agreed with her. “I can understand! I shudder at things as simple as butter. And spaghetti seems to have increased by 30 percent,” she commented on the incident: “It’s really basic stuff. I was beginning to advocate a price freeze or subsidy on staple foods.”

The Rewe customer meanwhile stated that she had drawn her conclusions from the price shock. “I left the car now. Just can’t. Can’t pay 25 euros for 3 days. There’s muesli again now,” she practiced in gallows humor, “I don’t shop here anymore.”

Another Twitter user meanwhile had a tip for the author of the tweet. Thanks to an app, it is possible to get groceries that were not sold in the store or that were in surplus significantly cheaper. “You may have to try a little bit, but you can get a full bag of different food leftovers for an average of €3-4,” he explained. Whether the Rewe customer accepted the advice remained open. (kh)

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