“I urge you young people to be wise beyond your years.” Tengiz Dumbadze met with schoolchildren, college students and students of Grodno universities

9:08 05 May 2021

The communication of young people with people who have a certain authority both in our country and abroad is doubly significant and effective.

The meeting with the deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Tengiz Dumbadze was held in the youth center “Grodno” in the framework of the open dialogue “Belarus: yesterday, today, tomorrow”. The meeting was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee Viktor Pranyuk, Head of the Main Department of Ideological Work and Youth Affairs Igor Bulavko, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Organization of the NGO “Belaya Rus” Svetlana Varyanitsa, First Secretary of the Regional Committee of the NGO “Belarusian Republican Youth Union” Anna Sarosek.


As noted Deputy Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee Viktor Pranyuk, dialogue platforms today are one of the most effective forms of communication with young people.


– The task of the dialogue platforms is to form positive thinking, to educate young people who will proudly promote the idea of ​​an independent Belarus, its territorial integrity, preservation of the historical and spiritual and moral principles, – Victor Pranyuk emphasized. “The youth must preserve the country in the form in which it was presented to us by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who won a victory over fascism 76 years ago. It is in our power to preserve and increase the memory of the Great Victory. We should be proud of the heroic deeds of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and not forget the courage of the soldiers who fought. It is important for me that, communicating with young people, we teach them, first of all, to correctly analyze the available facts, to make a deep analysis of events, to be able to draw historical parallels. The prosperity and independence of our republic in the future will largely depend on what decisions young people will make.


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The communication of young people with people who have a certain authority both in our country and abroad is doubly significant and effective. The meeting with the deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, famous journalist Tengiz Dumbadze is an example of this. As a military commander, he has covered wars and civil conflicts in 12 hot spots and knows firsthand how important it is to value and protect peace. Today the Belarusians must unite and continue to develop by common forces what has been built in the country for many years.


– Today is the time when it depends on each of us what will happen to our country tomorrow. Youth are our future, and these are the people to whom we must pass on the baton of wisdom and experience. I have seen a lot in this life and I have something to compare with. Our young people are talented, smart, and I want them to make friends as early as possible with wisdom. I am ready to meet around the clock, communicate with the younger generation, if only it would consolidate our society. We need to do everything to preserve our history. We must not let someone else decide our fate for us. It is important to talk about true patriotism and do it tirelessly, – noted Tengiz Dumbadze.


The issues of preserving peace, historical memory and true love for the homeland became the fundamental themes of the open dialogue. In a relaxed atmosphere, the guys approached the microphone and asked the meeting participants their questions. In particular, the question was raised: “What does it mean to you to be a patriot?” Igor Bulavko, head of the main department of ideological work and youth affairs of the regional executive committee, was the first to answer:

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– Today we discussed a lot of historical memory, talked about its continuity and about those generations who, at the cost of their lives, made us understand what homeland and love for it are. Historical memory, its preservation and transmission to subsequent generations is an important component of patriotism. Also, patriotism for me is everything around: my family, neighbors, colleagues, traditional values ​​and when your national flag flies over your country.


Another meeting with Tengiz Dumbadze took place at the Grodno State Vocational and Technical College of Consumer Services, where, together with the students, the guest discussed how important it is to take good care of history and love the country in which you live. He also touched upon the role of journalism in the modern world.

– I devoted 30 years to journalism and I know the value of every word. Today we are faced with an information war. This is scary, because this war affects the views of society, forms a false perception of reality. I urge you to be wise beyond your years. Any information you receive should be double-checked – noted Tengiz Dumbadze.


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