“I want to connect my life with computational linguistics”

– Elizabeth, you have an unusual book with you. Tell our readers about it.

– This is the book “My Spain”: I translated my favorite Spanish poets into Russian. It all happened thanks to my school Spanish teacher – I not only learn the language, but also deeply immerse myself in the culture of this country. She tells me about the wonderful Spanish writers and poets and once inspired me to translate poems by Federico García Lorca, Nicolás Guillén and other wonderful poets. After all, it is thanks to poetry that you learn the grammar of the language, learn new words. And I translated the first poem into Russian literally spontaneously: one night, in the eighth grade, I just woke up and wrote it down on paper.

How many years have you been studying Spanish?

– I have been studying it thoroughly since the sixth grade. But before that, I often visited Spain with my family, and my tennis coach became my first Spanish teacher. I was 5 years old when she began to learn simple words with me – “racquet”, “ball”. With the transfer to the 56th academic gymnasium, I completely immersed myself in the Spanish language. For me, he is the most dear and beloved of all those studied – and I also study German and English in addition to him.

– You are seriously involved in competitions in the Russian language and linguistics, while studying in a mathematical class. How did it happen?

– The Olympiad in the Russian language is largely linguistic tasks for logic. They need the same ability to analyze the material, to correlate different things, as in mathematics.

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How did you get into linguistics?

– I took German courses, and a friend told me that she was writing an Olympiad in linguistics. And she invited me to join! I liked it so much that I went through the distance stage and went to the next one. Later, I got a shift in drama at the Sochi Sirius, after which I really fell in love with literature and writing essays. And one of the days of this shift was devoted to linguistics.

How do you like Sirius?

– This is a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people, everyone has the same interests as you. The same story with getting to the All-Russian stage of the Olympiad for schoolchildren. You don’t just write the Olympiad, you find friends. This is a close-knit group of people who are always in touch, although so many years have passed and we have been scattered across different cities and countries. For those who are starting their Olympiad path, I would advise you to try yourself everywhere and see what works best. This is the only way to understand what you really like. I wrote olympiads in geography, biology, physics and at some point I realized that I need to write 10 regional stages … These are all trifles. Do not be afraid to participate and sometimes lose – this is an experience that can always be gained before the future diploma of a prize-winner or winner.

– Who do you want to become?

– I’m still thinking about the university and a specific specialty, but now I want to connect my life with computational linguistics. I am also interested in neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics – a young scientific direction – an applied branch of linguistics that studies the features of the language and speech of people in relation to their psychological characteristics.

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– What else are you into?

– I love to read and draw. I am now in a period when I am actively drawing characters from my favorite books and films. I recently watched 17 Moments of Spring. Magnificent work of the director, cameraman and a well-developed base of facts. Over the past week, I have already prepared a whole set of drawings of all the main characters. It seems to me that Stirlitz has turned into a kind of national hero, he is associated with the image of a real intelligence officer. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and windsurfing.

– What are your favorite places in St. Petersburg?

– My favorite place is Kurortny district. It was in this “Russian Finland” that I grew up. Beautiful nature, bay views, culture, museums and spaces.

There were dachas in this area even in pre-revolutionary times, and the St. Petersburg intelligentsia gathered there. For example, the Penates are one of the centers of cultural life. I love the historical center, I love the Petrogradsky district.

– Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

– It is very difficult to make plans for such a huge period. Now I can’t imagine what I’ll do. Linguistics is developing very quickly, and it is impossible to imagine what will happen next. Hobbies change and I’m ready to try new things.


– Favorite book?

– It is very difficult to choose the most favorite. I have a whole list. At the moment, this is “Crime and Punishment”: throwing and feelings of heroes, psychological duels. And “The Master and Margarita” – my grandmother advised me to read this novel.

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– Favorite movie?

– I love films based on the works of Schwartz, wonderful paintings by Mark Zakharov, for example, “An Ordinary Miracle”.

– Your dream?

– Live life happily.

– The country you want to visit?

– I have a dream to visit Norway, Japan, China and return to my native and beloved Spain.

– A place of power?

– This is not a specific point on the map, this is a place where you are loved and understood. Maybe this is my school. This is my second home.

– Who would you like to meet?

– With Tolkien. I am a big fan of his books, I like the sophistication of his world. He created language and then created the universe for it.

– Life motto?

– You judge by the costume – never do this, you can make a mistake and, moreover, very big.


Alone in an abandoned park…
And forgotten
I was alone in the park
Washed by autumn rain.
Just dried up
Rustling on the ground is unclear …
No news from anyone
No love,
No hope –
Life is in vain…
I left in the old park
…Forever closed.

Manuel Machado “Autumn”

In the park, I just…
They have closed
and, forgotten
in the old park, alone
they have left me

dry leaf,
skims the ground…
I know nothing
I want nothing
I hope nothing.
they left me in the park
…and they have closed.

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