Ibrahimovic skipped restrictions due to coronavirus in Milan

This has not been a good week for the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. At the weekend he was sent off during Milan’s game against Parma, and now must face criticism after he was caught in a restaurant violating the sanitary measures imposed by the coronavirus.

The portal Fanpage.it published a series of photographs where you can see Ibra meeting with some friends in a restaurant from the Lombard city.

Apparently the meeting took place on Sunday around noon. In the graphs, the forward is seen with the former player Abate, among other people. None had masks.

In theory the restaurant where they were should be closed due to restrictions. The medium La Gazzetta dello Sport assured that it is the restaurant “Tano Pass me the oil”, located on Via Petrarca in Milan.

The owner of the restaurant, Tano Simonato, He has shown his version of what happened at La Gazzetta: “Ibra, Abate and another very dear friend came to see me, we were there for a couple of hours and then they went home. It was a thing between friends and they didn’t have lunch, we had a glass of wine“, He said.

The situation generated outrage among Italians, especially when Zlatan was elected a few months ago by the Lombardy region for an awareness campaign on the use of the mask and respect for the rules imposed on Covid-19.

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