Icade confirms the very good momentum of its activities at the end of 2022

Par Hector Chaunu

Published on 04/01/2023 at 07:34

(Boursier.com) — Following the announcements made during Investor Day on November 28, Icade confirms the very good momentum of its activities at the end of 2022 with two new transactions:
-Signing of a promise for the sale of the Eko Active office building in Marseille for 48 ME, bringing to nearly 150 ME the volume of sale committed for 2023
-Finalization by Icade Promotion of the marketing of the Michigan Garden mixed project in Paris 13th for a total of 108 ME
-Confirmation of the good commercial momentum with recorded sales and reservations up by 31% and 10% respectively in value over the whole year

As a reminder ; 5 significant transactions were the subject of a communication in December:
– Finalization of the acquisition of the Défense Parc asset in Nanterre (92) for 63 ME (CP link of 20/12/2022)
– Off-plan sale by Icade Promotion and Sogeprom of 13,200 m(2) of offices at Part-Dieu in Lyon (69) (PR link of 15/12/2022)
– Off-plan sale by Icade Promotion and SEMIIC of 15,000 m(2) of offices in Romainville (93) (PR link of 12/12/2022)
– Icade Promotion winner of an innovative housing program of more than 8,000 m(2) in Paris 12th (CP link of 12/12/2022)
– Urbain des Bois, a subsidiary of Icade Promotion and Bois de France sign a partnership agreement (CP link of 12/12/2022).

In addition, Icade further strengthens its liabilities with more than 700 ME of bank lines negotiated or renegotiated with its banking partners (CP link of 04/01/2023).

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