Ice hockey: In lack of players, a team aligns a goalkeeper in attack

It’s an unusual story that unfolded during the exhibition game between Michigan University, an NCAA championship team, and the U18 team of the United States development program. Due to several absences, in particular due to the U20 world championship, Brandon Norauto, the Michigan coach, had to make do with the means at hand to compose his alignment.

He thus placed Tyler Shea, his third 21-year-old goalkeeper, as a winger. And this is not the first time this has happened for the last bastion. During a championship meeting this time, last November, he had already been forced to trade his leggings for a cane. He did not register his name on the statistical sheet during these two meetings.

Another fantasy was in Michigan’s lineup. Seamus Casey, a 19-year-old defenseman drafted by New Jersey in 2022, has played as a first-block center with some success. The ephemeral striker scored twice in addition to offering an assist and winning 64% of his commitments. All this did not prevent the universities from winning 7-6.

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