Ice hockey: NHL star Timo Meier (24) in a big interview

VIEW: Timo Meier, where do I catch you right now?
Timo Meier: It’s seven in the morning, just got up and in my hotel room in Arizona. Today we have blood tests and before that we are not allowed to eat anything. That’s why I was able to sleep a little longer.

How was your arrival and arrival? You wouldn’t ask that under normal circumstances …
The flight and the trip were a bit more complicated than usual. Fortunately, Nino Niederreiter was on the same flight to Washington, and with a friend the time passed a little faster. After that our ways parted. Here in Arizona I first had to be in quarantine for a week and get tested daily. You get used to it, for me these tests with the stick in my nose are not as bad as they are for others.

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