IDFM cannot find carriers for the 200,000 accredited people

IDFM has launched a call for tenders to find carriers during the Olympics, but this has not attracted any candidate for the moment because of the excessively heavy penalties announced in the event of a malfunction.

Olympic Games 2024 – Too strict conditions. The call for tenders launched by Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) to find operators responsible for transporting the 200,000 accredited people during the 2024 Paris Olympics did not attract any candidate because of the too heavy penalties announced in the event of malfunction, indicates the chained duck to be published Wednesday, January 4.

The regional transport authority must take buses and coaches -electric and biogas- from its Ile-de-France fleet and designate operators who will run them during the summer of 2024 between the Olympic village, accommodation, press rooms, training places and stadiums, to transport athletes, members of sports federations and organisers.

The call for tenders launched on July 28, divided into three lots and for a total amount of 36.7 million euros, was declared unsuccessful. IDFM consequently relaunched another call for tenders on December 21, for a lesser amount of 33.9 million.

« Obligation of regularity and punctuality”

The organizing committee (Cojo) must reimburse IDFM – authority chaired by Valérie Pécresse – for the establishment of this ephemeral network, presented in June as having to be the size of that of Lyon. The managing director of IDFM Laurent Probst then underlined that the operators chosen should have “an obligation of regularity and punctuality”.

According to chained duckwhich quotes an RATP executive, the first call for tenders “made tons” on penalties, which are very heavy in the event of a malfunction.

“It was unmanageable”, indicates said frame. “How can we know today what the traffic conditions will be at the time of the Olympic Games as long as Valérie Pécresse does not indicate what the level of supply of the classic bus and metro network will be for ordinary visitors? »he asks.

“We are on time”assure IDFM

The penalties provided for are significantly lower in the new tender, according to the satirical weekly. Interested companies have until January 20 to respond.

“One of the markets launched by IDFM to organize the transport of accredited members of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games was unsuccessful, as happens in other public markets in the current situation”a spokesman for the regional transport authority told AFP.

“We relaunched it, in accordance with the procedure, for a period of 30 days. The schedule will be respected. We are on time”he added, without further comment.

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