“Idiot defense” – Fox News ridiculed Biden for inept handling of classified documents

A new batch of confidential materials found in the garage of the American president testifies to his detachment from reality and carelessness. Particularly noteworthy in this case is the fact that the head of the White House continues to pretend that he knows nothing about these documents, said Fox News anchor Jesse Waters.

DANA PERINO, host of The Five: One more thing: this (scandal with Biden. – InoTV) is a very bad precedent for the state and people who really deal with confidential information. In February last year, the government secured a prison sentence for a former Defense Ministry employee who mishandled classified material.

And if you read this article published by CNN, you will know what this woman did. She had to work on her dissertation, but COVID happened and she could not get into the office. She took the secret document home. There were people in her room or she was having a dinner party, and her colleague saw these documents and denounced her, because this is not the right thing to do.

She ended up in jail. And these guys (The Biden administration in his case. – InoTV) they just shrug.

GREG GATFIELD, host of The Five: It’s amazing! it incredible! I don’t know what to call it!

JESSE WATERS, Host The Five: It’s horrible!

GREG GATFIELD: Yeah. Kennedy, the hosts of The View came up with a conspiracy theory that the Republicans could be behind this scandal. But one could argue and say that if such a conspiracy really existed, then it would be arranged by people who do not want Biden’s re-election, that is, 80 percent of Democrats.

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY, host of The Five: And Mayor Pete (nickname of US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. – InoTV).

GREG GATFIELD: And Mayor Pete!

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY: Perhaps, and if they were trying to undermine his campaign, they would have planted these documents with people around Biden, in his Washington office, in his home in Wilmington, Delaware. But that didn’t happen because, as Geraldo says, it doesn’t really matter. I think they all do it. I think every president drags papers home with him.

I don’t know if he tried (Biden. — InoTV) something to hide or he’s just incredibly irresponsible. There are two things that strike me about this case. First, he does not know what is in these documents. He doesn’t know how they ended up where they ended up. He doesn’t know how long they were there. He has no idea who put them there.

This is a real problem when it comes to top secret information. And, yes, we should be concerned about this, given that surrounded by politicians like (democrat senator. — InoTV) Dianne Feinstein and (Democrat congressman. — InoTV) Eric Swalwell, there may be spies.

This is first. Second: after last week with the drama around the speaker (House of Representatives of Congress. – InoTV), there is no denying that The Matrix exists and that someone writes every chapter. I honestly thought this week would be boring, and now we have the third batch of documents. Thank you masters!

GREG GATFIELD: Yes. You know, Jesse, I think this is an important event. First, because it clearly shows that Joe doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Secondly, I think this scandal is worse than Watergate.

JESSE WATERS: And Joe has this line of defense: “I don’t know what I have at home. I don’t know what’s in my office. I don’t know who put it there, and I don’t know what those documents say.” At him Protection idiot.

GREG GATFIELD: And there is. And then you start browsing information about the University Pennsylvania, and it’s quite interesting.

JESSE WATERS: Yeah. So he opened the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and then China poured money into the university, and then he (Bydenu. — InoTV) paid with this money. And then, as a reward, he sent the head of the university as an ambassador to Germany. Just wonderful! And then they began to oppose all persistent proactive investigations into Chinese espionage as soon as the Biden Center opened.

Greg, did you know that the safest place on Earth is next to the Corvette*?

GREG GATFIELD: Had no idea!

JESSE WATERS: If you take a Corvette and drive it to Taiwan, China will not invade!

GREG GATFIELD: (Laughs.) Yes!

JESSE WATERS: Has this happened to you? You press a button, the garage door goes down, but suddenly it goes up again because a leaf flies past the sensor, which prevents you from closing the door. This is the real Fort Knox! The Biden Garage Door Remote is the safest thing you can have!

Publication date January 13, 2023.

* New secret documents were found in Biden’s personal garage, where his Corvette car is located (approx. InoTV).

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