“If an NBA franchise calls me, I can have an impact”

In the big family of alumni who do not want to belong to the big family of alumni, Michael Beasley does not let go of the steak. Four games with the Shanghai Sharks, nothing after that, except for this very daring outing for the friends of Sports Illustrated. Which season.

Eh, after all, he is “only” 34 years old.

34 years old but the typical CV of the player who smoked from his 28/29. We knew Michael Beasley for his exploits with Kansas State, for his status as second choice in the 2008 Draft, for his NBA career well below the expectations placed by Pat Riley. Also for his controversial character whose journey he dissected himself, with an open heart, in an interview for the podcast The Pivot. The younger ones will ask: “How did it come to this? ». 34 years old and “only” 609 NBA games on his clock, prime achieved in the 2010-11 season with the Wolves: 19.2 points at 45% shooting, 4.7 rebounds and 1.3 assists on average. Not even “incredible”. Seven different franchises in eleven seasons, a recent stint in Puerto Rico, a rebound in China with the Shanghai Sharks, and then nothing. A free agent since the end of October, Michael Beasley remains very confident about his ability to help out… in the NBA.

“If you pay attention to how I play, that’s how the NBA plays today. I stay in shape and I play every day. If called, I can clearly make an impact.

The NBA is acting up. Donovan [Mitchell] scored 71 points, Luka [Doncic] 50, LeBron [James] scores another 40 points. The game is very open. When I was playing, the game was based on defense. It’s about keeping the teams at 75, 80, 90 points. Now it’s like a rodeo. »

Michael Beasley, pour Sports Illustrated

Capable of catching fire in short sequences, a game focused on the circle attack and mid-distance /fadeaway at office : Michael Beasley could still – if he doesn’t lie about his form – help out a lot of NBA franchises. In a role of scorer yes, and for that he does not lie. We always felt envious to go and dig up his vis-à-vis in three or four dribbles. From the time when, as a young teenager, he and Kevin Durant ignited the playgrounds of PG County in Maryland, until his last years with the Knicks and the Lakers. We can clearly see him being called back to least vet to make the heyday of a rotation fund, because if the NBA franchises still haven’t understood it, this statement for Sports Illustrated is a huge foot call. Who to satisfy him?

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