If you live in Southern California, prepare ahead of time for the next storm on the way | Videos | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

the first storm mayunleash waves, erosion inhills close to communities.firefighters warn ofdanger and the fury ofcurrents in the water.communities north ofsaturated with water.submerged building, like thecapitol city.in los angeles countyfollow the cleaning that left thestorm, but the forecastit is announced to us that he is comingmore rain, much more rain.storm can expand the waveof damages left by the first,including floods.>> goes along with this kind ofstorms over the sea, evenaround the rivers and in thedrainage channels, waterhas incredible strengthcould drag a personeven with a depth ofabout 15 cm, with 6 inchescan take a person andtake it awayoswaldo: the high waves in theúplayas unleashed problems forcommunities.Like Entangling Beach, Manhattanbeach.fear that the foundations are withthe crash of the waves.elsewhere they were registeredPartial damage to the pier.the danger in the streets isgreat for drivers.in the santa clarita valleyregistered landslides,it was said by the authorities thatthe io santa clarita hadpartially overflowed.in the city of long beach, thestorm caused flooding invarious streets and propertieswere affected by the highwaves, which crossed avenues andforced gangworkers to move tonsOf flour.cities are offeringprotect the perimeter of yourhome.>> i was hearing thatthey were alerting thepopulation.I think people preparedgood.>> let it flow well,>> as big as it gets, it caninjure a person, sobetter stay away.oswaldo: your preparations havewhat to be now after coastalhas registered waves of up to 16feet tall, approach thebeach or being close in partsvulnerable docksit can be very dangerous. travel the coastal route

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